I'am a 24 year old design student , from Australia.
My ultimate dream is to work in the fashion industry in photo manipulation and editing.
I try to have an up to date blog that focus's on the alluring, surreal and beautiful images that inspire me and hopefully others !
This is my escape from the realm of reality to a place of far off distant places that sometimes we can only dream of <3
so down the rabbit hole we go ...
love B xxx
Rise (Taken with instagram)
Taken with instagram
Day by day (Taken with instagram)
Daffodils growing before my ears  (Taken with instagram)
Under the shade before the storm (Taken with instagram)
Breakfast of champions (Taken with instagram)

Constance Jablonski by Natalia Alaverdian for Harper’s Bazaar Russia March 2012
One of my favourite photos of Miranda Kirr